Patient Testimonials

  • MANUAL THERAPY San Jose, Los Gatos & Sunnyvale,CA

    Randy Waltz was my therapist and he was very top notch! He was extremely informative and diligent with my care. I would highly recomment Silver Creek!


  • I worked with Bruce Robinson and he was very excellent! The excerise given were a tremendous help! I would recommend them!

    Gilbert S.

  • I was referred to Silver Creek by Dr. Thomas Elardo and they were excellent! Bryan Mai was my therapist and he was very excellent with explanations, made me feel very comfortable and is very knowledgable. Seems to be able to tailor to specific needs to assist the patient. I have leared a great deal to assist with my ongoing recovery. The assistant aides were excellent as well! Highly recommend!

    Blake L.

  • Dominic Baiocco is very enthusiastic and good with extreme knowledge, I would very likely recommend Silver Creek Physical Therapy to my friends and family!


  • Nancy Le worked with me and I was very satisfied with her work and helpful attitude. I would definitely recommend Silver Creek Pysical therapy!

    Kiran B.

  • I had a very positive exprience with Jennifer and Ray at Silver Creek. This is certainly a great place for physical therapy!


  • Dr. Christian Foglar recommended Silver Creek Physical Therapy. I learned a great deal from physical therapy. For Example, how to tolerate a reasonable amount of pain while excerising. I highly recomment them!

    Kathy H.

  • My medical doctor referred me to Silver Creek Physical Therapy, and boy were they EXCELLENT! They were very knowledgable, clean, and organized facility. I learned a lot about stretching and low back maintenance. Highly recommend!!

    Thomas S.

  • Silver Creek Physical Therapy is a great place for recovery support! Sonia Singh was my therapist. I would highly recommend them

    Jerry G.

  • I was referred by my worker’s compensation nurse to be treated at Silver Creek Physical Therapy. They provide great therapy! I learned alot from my therapist, Bryan Mani on how to do things correctly. I would highly recomment them to my friends and family.

    Christopher L.